June 20, 2014

New Releases from Blank Slate Patterns

I was lucky enough to test a couple of new patterns for Blank Slate Patterns. If you haven't checked them out, you really should. Melissa has some really great designs that you won't find anywhere else.

Also, check out her blog. She's offering a giveaway of all her dress patterns as a part of the 30 Days of Sundresses Series, and there's not much time left to enter!

See my full disclosure policy here.

Patterns were free because I helped test.

Note: These are tester versions, so some changes have been made. I'll try to specify, but I might not catch everything.

First up are the Sweet Pea Pajamas. This is exactly what I mean when I say you won't find designs like this anywhere else. I've never seen a top like this anywhere else. (And along those lines, the top has been changed to a slimmer fit).

I love the scallop detail with the bows at the bottom. It's the same in the back too. They are made from bias tape, so they're pretty quick to make. (A hint: after washing the bias tape does fray a little at the ends, so if this is going to bother you, I'd recommend finishing those ends.)

She calls these her "House Pajamas" because I made them out of the same fabric I used as the wallpaper in this fabric doll house. I thought it had a nice vingage-y feel that worked both for the pajamas and as wallpaper. Ha. Well, she's happy.

This is the Just a Jersey T-Shirt.

It's made to look like a football jersey. The sleeves in the final version were altered to be narrower at the bottom. This pattern also includes appliques for jersey numbers on the back.

I didn't have fabric in the colors I wanted for our family's favorite football team, so I just grabbed something that coordinated for testing purposes, but this has turned out to be a well-worn shirt.

And see that? You can sew knits without a serger. Someday I will get one. That's what I tell myself anyway.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the gray and white jersey.

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