May 29, 2014

Runaround Romper Flip

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This pattern was provided free in exchange for my participation in the Flip this Pattern Series.

This was my pattern flip from May's Flip this Pattern over at Frances Suzanne.  It's the Runaround Romper from the Cottage Mama.

The Run-Around Romper screams baby and toddler to me, but I don't have one of those right now. (Which, incidentally, kind of surprises me-when did my baby grow up?!) So, I confronted reality and decided to give this pattern a little more of a "big girl" feel.

I kept the top half essentially the same. The only change I made was to go down a size (so it wouldn't be quite so roomy) and add some piping around the neckline and button tabs.

The bottom half, though, is a completely different animal. I added a waistband to separate the top from the bottom. It also has piping along the top and bottom. And the bottom is a pleated skirt.

Here are some close-ups of the jumper. The piping goes all the way around the top of the jumper in one continuous piece. I also really like the waistband. I cut some chevron fabric against the grain so that it would look kind of like arrows. Or something. And then to tie it in with the rest of the dress, I added the piping on the top and bottom edges of the waistband.

It may be spring, but Mother Nature seems to have missed the memo, so she's wearing the jumper with a turtleneck and tights. I love that it will work nicely through the summer (sans turtleneck) and into next fall (assuming we don't have a growth spurt).

This was a great pattern to work with. I'm looking forward to making more Run-Around Rompers for our new little girl coming this summer! In the meantime, I'll enjoy this little sweetheart in her big sister version!

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