May 12, 2014

Lulu Top and DIY Printed Fabric Tutorial

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Pattern was free for helping test. Leggings pattern was free in exchange for my review.

I was able to test the Lulu Dress and Top pattern from Craftiness is Not Optional.  It is such a fun pattern with lots of different options, and a pretty quick sew.

I couldn't find a fabric combination in my stash that I loved for this dress, so I decided to make my own. The star fabric started out as a plain white knit. I used my Silhouette, some freezer paper, and metallic gold paint to add the stars.

Anyway, back to the dress (the tutorial for the fabric is at the end of the post). It calls for knit fabric for the bodice, but the bottom can be either knit or woven, so there are lots of options for different fabric combinations. You can also make it with cap sleeves or sleeveless, in top or dress length, and there are several options for adding embellishments. 
The binding is the trickiest part of this pattern, and I ended up doing mine differently than the instructions called for. If you're having trouble, try doing an online search for knit binding tutorials.

I made the top length with cap sleeves (and they're not set-in sleeves, which make them super easy and fast to sew!), and added the bow in front. They're paired with a pair of Go-To Leggings I made to go with the top. She says it's her new favorite outfit!

 Keep reading for the tutorial on how to make your own fabric!

First, I used Silhouette Studio to make a 12 x 12 grid of stars. Since one 12 x 12 sheet of freezer paper wouldn't cover all of my fabric, I cut it out several times. 

I cut the bodice out of my plain fabric, then ironed the freezer paper stencil onto the fabric. Notice that some of the bodice is left without a stencil.

After I painted my stars on, I let them dry, then removed the freezer paper. Then I ironed on some unused stencils to cover the unstenciled part of my fabric. I used one of the already painted stars to line up the new stencil with the already painted stars, so the grid pattern of the stars would line up.

There it is! Some awesome metallic gold star fabric. I used Martha Stewart metallic paints. They are great for wood. They don't come out quite as shiny on fabric, but they still work pretty well.


Chelle said...

This is SEW cute!!! What a great idea for printed fabric!! Surely going to have to try this! TFS!!!

Denise Navas said...

I turely loveand appreciate the graph and the step by steps you given. I just love it and must try it . Thank You so much , your awsome and i would love to see more.

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