April 15, 2014

Ugly Pattern Series: Anne of Green Gables Pattern

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When the ladies over at Simple Simon and Co asked me to sew up something as part of their Ugly Pattern Series, I said "Sure, as long as I can find something." Well, I found one. It's not as completely awful as this one, but just look at that little girl's face. She, at least, is not happy. And the sleeves on this pattern totally reminded me of Marilla when Anne finally gets the dress of her dreams in Anne of Green Gables. Puffed sleeves!! How did anyone ever think these were cute? (Of course, I remember in the early 90s wearing a dress or two with pretty big sleeves, so I'm not really one to talk.) Ahem. Moving on.

So I didn't have much time to adapt a pattern (cough, cough, liZ and Elizabeth), which meant I went with something simple. The bagginess of the shorts and ridiculously high rise made them perfect for adapting into some paper bag shorts. I added a little length at the top for the paper bag detail, and a little at the bottom, so I could have a nice deep hem, and viola! That was it. 

I also threw on a couple of belt loops and a little tie belt at the end.

 And there you go. The whole thing was pretty quick to sew up, and it passes the little girl approval test. It's getting harder to get pictures out of her though. I don't know where she comes up with these poses. 

There we go!

Hop on over to Simple Simon and Co to see some more Ugly Duckling patterns and to link up your own for a chance to win some prizes!


Simple Simon and Company said...

I LOVE the way you updated the pattern....and the fabric choice was perfect!!!!

Thanks so much for playing along with our series...

Teresa said...

Cute, cute! I love the fabric you used!

Sarah Seufert said...

LOVELY FLORAL FABRIC that you used to update an older Simplicity pattern for "paper bag shorts" for your girl! The pink sash adds "pop" to the waist & highlights the pink in the floral design. All in all, it's FAB, unique and versatile for spring and summertime. Lots of LOVE sewn by MOM! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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