April 04, 2014

Spring Showers Jacket Pattern from E&E

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Pattern was free for helping test.

This is the Spring Showers Jacket Pattern from Elegance & Elephants.  It is scheduled for release today. I was able to test it, and I really like it. 

It goes from size 2/3 to 12, and you can make it for either a boy or a girl. It also included a drawstring option to cinch the coat in at the waist.

This coat has some features that make it perfect for spring. The hood has a brim to help keep rain off little faces and a curved hem in back to keep the rain out.

I wanted to use the green fabric for the jacket, but I only had a yard of it. So I made my own fabric! I cut out rectangles wide enough for the front, back and sleeve pattern pieces. Then I sewed on some of the navy fabric at the bottom to make it long enough for the pattern pieces. After that, I just cut it out as I normally would. Easy color-blocking!

He was so excited to be outside after a cold winter that he couldn't help jumping! It made for some blurry pictures.

There is a lot of top-stitching and other details in this pattern (like the hood and pockets) that make it a little bit of a time investment to make. The zipper is a separating zipper, which (in my opinion) is one of the easier zippers to insert. I would say this is a confident beginner to intermediate pattern, mostly because of the time and attention to detail the pattern calls for.



I love the coat, great colour combination! What fabric did you use, iI was thinking oilcloth but am new to that type of fabric.
Love the jumps, we here in UK cannot wait for the summer to start that is if we actually have one this year! Thanks for sharing!

Terra Sews said...

I actually used a heavy cotton, but I think oilcloth would be great, especially if you live somewhere with a lot of rain. I live in a desert, so we really don't need something to stop the water!

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