April 01, 2014

Freezer Paper Stencils using a Silhouette Cameo

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I made these stenciled boxer briefs for my son using freezer paper and an exacto knife. My husband got me a Silhouette for Christmas, and I've been experimenting with it. It makes making freezer paper stencils so much easier! No more exacto knives!

These stencils came from Spray Paint Stencils. They offer a pretty good variety of free stencils.

1. Save the stencil to your computer.

2. Open the file in Silhouette Studio.

3. Use the eraser tool to erase anything you don't want to show up in your final stencil.

4. Open the trace tool. It is in the upper right hand corner and looks like a little blue butterfly outlined in yellow.

5. Select "trace outer edge".

6. And that's it! Move the original out of the way and delete it. The red outline is where your Silhouette will cut.

7. You can manipulate the image as you would any other image in Silhouette Studio. To cut, choose the print paper settings. According to Silhouette, you can reduce the blade depth to 1 if your blade is still sharp.

Don't forget to save your new image to your library!

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Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Thanks for the tip! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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