March 05, 2014

Princess Wooden Peg Dolls

When I was making the peg doll family for one of my girls for Christmas, I also made some princesses for my other daughter.

I originally saw a version of them at homemade by Jill. They were here originally, and include a cute printable download. I used both for inspiration, and then changed a few small details on mine. I have some Martha Stewart glitter paints, and they were great for some of the outlining, like on Bell's dress.

Jasmine has a pretty gold necklace, and the jewel on her headband is sparkly too.

Mine just have two black dots for eyes on their faces because I didn't trust myself to do anything more. When I was done painting, I went over them all with a coat of DecoArt Triple Thick glaze, which made them nice and shinny. 
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I think they turned out pretty cute, and they were fun to make. And my daughter was able to identify all the princesses, so I'd say that I was successful!


Katie F said...

Which Princess is the 4th doll from left?

Terra Sews said...

In the top picture, it's Sleeping Beauty.

Wen from What's Mummy Up To said...

I LOVE these, and so would my princess-loving girls ... so adorable!

Cat Crain said...

ADORE THESE! Great job :)

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