March 24, 2014

April Fools! Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting

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I was looking for ideas last year to trick my kids for April Fools' Day. I kept coming across things that looked like something you would have as part of the main meal, but were actually dessert, like the grilled cheese that's really cake and the eggs that are whipped cream and peaches. I wanted to trick them for dinner.

So they thought they were getting cupcakes and kool-aid for dinner. But they got meatloaf and mashed potatoes with red gelatin. Bwahahaha!

Seriously, though, I didn't expect them to be as fooled as they were. I thought once they looked more closely, they would realize it wasn't cupcakes. But they didn't. Their reactions were hilarious. And my daughter is still asking me when April Fools Day is. She still is determined to get me back a whole year later.

So the gelatin drink is pretty straightforward. Just pour your gelatin into glasses and stick a straw in it before it sets up.

For the "cupcakes" I made meatloaf and then put it in muffin tins. I had a hard time getting it out of the muffin tins, so I'd recommend non-stick cooking spray, or maybe some foil cupcake liners. I made instant mashed potatoes for the frosting, and then piped it onto the cupcakes. Careful-it's hot!!

For the sprinkles, I colored some salt with food coloring. Look for the non-toxic glitter recipe. It doesn't really look like glitter, but it sure can look like cupcake sprinkles!

And there you go! Dinner that looks like dessert. Don't blame me if your kids are mad at you the rest of the day, haha!

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