January 24, 2014

Peg Doll Family

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 One of the presents I made for my daughter for Christmas was this wooden peg doll family. But it's not just any family-its us! All of the outfits the dolls are wearing are outfits that we all have (or an approximation anyway).

 Here are the three kids. Aren't they cute? Almost as cute as they are in real life.

 My son is sporting a striped polo shirt and jeans.

 The shape of the girl peg doll lent itself perfectly to copying the blue polka dotted peplum shirt I made for my daughter a little while ago. You can see it with her yellow skinnies here.

And the last one is made to look like the outfit I made here.

Update: You can see the whole peg doll family, complete with the new baby.

These little peg dolls took a long time to make, and they are far from perfect but they've been played with a LOT since Christmas. It's kind of funny to hear my kids referring to themselves in the third person as they play with these.


Jackie Lee said...

Love the personalized peg dolls! Where did you find the blanks?

Terra Sews said...

They came from caseyswood.com

Kerry said...

These are so adorable I had to pin them.

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