January 17, 2014

Jocole Endless Dress Test

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Pattern was free for helping test it.

I was able to test the Endless Dress from Jocole. I am in love with how it turned out. Seriously. I showed it to my husband when I finished it and said, "This is awesome." (And so is Jodi, for making it possible with her pattern.)

And guess what else? This dress is also a refashion. I didn't really wear this skirt anymore, and I thought the fabric would be perfect for this dress. I got the bright green contrast band from the scraps left over from the Ethan Shirt I made for my son.

 The Endless Dress is pretty aptly named. I think there are something like over 1,000 different ways you can make this dress by combining all the different options included in the pattern. It's a little more expensive than a lot of other PDF patterns (listed at $12), but really, you're getting so many different options, the price is really reasonable.

For this version of the dress, I made the chevron bodice with the sash and contrast band. I love how the instructions on the chevron bodice really do the thinking for you. See how perfectly the stripes match up at the side seams? Yep, that was the pattern. All I did was follow the instructions.

 I would like to mention that the back doesn't match up as nicely, because it overlaps to button (and no, I didn't randomly place buttons. I promise, they are there! They just don't show up against the white fabric!). If the not matching up bothers you, you could add a zipper rather than the button closure. There aren't instructions for zippers, but a quick online search should help you with that. I think an invisible zipper would be perfect here.

 Here is one more shot of the dress on my beautiful little girl.

Here's a quick summary of pros and cons:

Pros: Lots and lots (and lots) of options here.
Good instructions, especially for the chevron section
I love the finished product

Cons: Since there are so many options there is a lot of jumping around in the PDF file. The file does contain links to make navigation easier.

So do you want a copy? Head over here to get it!

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I love the endless dress, this is great the stripes, I am a bit scared of working with stripes, Have to go over and get the pattern! Thanks

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