January 31, 2014

Fabric Doll House

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Last week I blogged about the peg doll family I made for my daughter. I also made them a house to live in. I used McCalls pattern 6766, but you could also use the tutorial found here. The pattern is a little faster because you don't have to measure, and if you can get it when it's on sale for $1, it's worth it (I think anyway). You can also find some cute decorating ideas at A Girl and a Gluegun.

 A bonus to the purchased pattern is it also comes with furniture patterns. You can see the couch peeking out above (there's also a chair just like it). I believe the couch and bedspread fabric was something I won in a giveaway, but it's been in my stash for a long time!

 And here is the bed, complete with quilt and pillow.

The wooden family is a little small for the scale of the house, but that doesn't stop my daughter from playing with it for hours. Seriously, I should have stopped with the handmade gifts. The wooden family and their house, along with the hobby horses, are the most played with gifts this year by far.

This is her typical playing position. On her tummy with the house in front of her. Notice where the doll of me is. Can't see it? Scroll down to the next picture for a close-up.

Yes, there I am. Hanging on for dear life. I am not really sure why that silly little girl likes to stick me in the button loop. It's for safe-keeping, right? Stinker.


EHC said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I've tried to buy this pattern multiple times but it's always out at the store. Probably because it's so cute! I love how yours turned out!

Wen from What's Mummy Up To said...

This is gorgeous … except for the poor Mum hanging from the button loop … but cute anyway! Love your fabric choice!

ZeedleBeez said...

I am going to pin this. It is sooo cute!!! I want to make one for my grandbaby!

Meriel Aho said...

This is so CUTE. Mega inspiration. Thank you!

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