January 13, 2014

DIY Hobby Horse

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Pink fabric was free because I won it in a contest.

I wanted to make my girls some Hobby Horses for Christmas. There is a PDF pattern available, and it looks absolutely adorable. However, it goes for $20, and it has mixed reviews. Twenty dollars is more than I would spend on a pattern that has 100% five-star reviews, so I set out to find something more reasonably priced. Free is what I was going for.

I found it here. There is a tutorial and downloadable pattern, and it is completely free. Go check it out, even if you don't want to make one. Seriously, the shot of the horse in action is worth the visit.

I followed the tutorial pretty much exactly as written. The only changes I made were to paint the dowels to match the horses, and to use a patterned rather than a solid fabric. I also used some ribbon to add a bridle and reins.

When my daughter opened her hobby horse on Christmas morning, her whole face lit up. She told me that she'd always wanted a horse just like this! I'd say that's a success!

And she's still loving it now!


Sharon said...

These are the greatest! They look way better than store bought and it's a free pattern?!? I going to have to make some for my kids too.

יעל said...

This is very cute! I want to sew one too.... I started sewing and I love it. Also found great free sewing patterns on www.sewing-patterns.org

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