December 30, 2013

Make a 2013 Photo Collage

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I thought it would be fun to create a photo collage of the past year for my family. I've seen them floating around, and it didn't look to difficult. Some places will print them up for you, but why pay someone else to do it when you can do it for free yourself?

I used Picasa, which is free to download.

Here's what I did.

1. Pick 66 pictures you want to use and create a collage in Picasa. I used the 5x7 format.

2. Use these files to add the year. They are separate files, so you'll have to download each one separately. 2, 0, 1,3

3. Rearrange the pictures if you want. It may crop pictures in ways that you don't like. Try to select photos where the subject is somewhat centered. There were a few pictures that chopped off heads; I just replaced them. You could also try cropping them square and re-adding them.

4. Adjust the border so that you have white space around the pictures.

And that's it! Mine took me less than 1/2 an hour to make. Here's our 2013 in pictures. And since it's in 5x7 format, it will be easy to print and frame.

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