November 14, 2013

Ruffled Heart Top

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This was originally posted over at See Kate Sew as part of her ruffle series back in August. 

Now that I'm reposting, I'd just like to add that it is still my daughter's favorite shirt. Every time it comes out of the laundry, it's the first thing she picks to wear. Now that cooler weather is coming, you could make it with long sleeves and it would be perfect. 

Okay, on to the top.

I started with the Recess Raglan tee pattern {because Pattern Anthology is amazing}, but you could use any basic tee pattern as a starting point.

Because I love ruffles, I also added a ruffle to the bottom of the skinny jeans (affiliate link) I made to go with the top. You can find the tutorial for those here.

Here's how to make the ruffled heart on the shirt.

First, take a long strip of fabric and gather it. I actually used two strips sewn together. Make sure to use something that won't fray, or this will be a crazy mess after it goes through the wash. Unless you don't plan on washing this shirt, but let's face it, that would be gross.

Cut out a heart from your knit fabric. You can iron some stabilizer on the back to make this easier.

Stitch the ruffle along the outside of the heart.

Then use the rest to fill it in. I just kind of bunched it all in there and stitched all over until nothing was loose, but you could be all nice and neat if you want.
Pin it to the front shirt piece and stitch around the outside.

Then sew the rest of the shirt together.

Isn't that pretty?

It would also be fun to do other shapes. Maybe a tree for Christmas?

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