November 20, 2013

Hangout Hoodie Flip

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November's Flip This Pattern is the Hangout Hoodie from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. I got the pattern when I requested a pattern bundle substitution, because I already had the pattern that came in the bundle.

I didn't change a whole lot about the original pattern. The main change was adding a ruffle to the hoodie.

I ruffled it around the hood, and then left it unruffled in the front for the placket. That made it easier to add the button. I wanted it to match, so I used a fabric covered button with the same polka-dot fabric I used for the sleeves and hood.

I love how the ruffle frames her face.

I thought about using a ruffle on the sleeves as well, but I thought that might be over the top so I just used the cuff from the original pattern. 

This little sweet heart loves modeling for me.

Here's a view of the back with the ruffled hood.

This is the little girl I intended the shirt for, but she wasn't in the mood to model until after her sister had. I made it a little big for her so she could have room to grow, and that made it roomy enough that they can both wear it.

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Chelle said...

OMG! I cannot believe this post had NO comments! This is absolutely ADORABLE!!! My first hangout hoodie was for a boy, now I'm going to make one like this, w/ the ruffle. I LOVE it! Your fabric choices are great & choosing a solid for the ruffle just sets it apart in an awesome way! TFS!

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