October 28, 2013

Superman Costume

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This year for Halloween, my son gets to be Superman! This was kind of a last-minute thing, but I lucked out and found the perfect shade of blue knit at Wal-mart of all places. The red fabric came from my stash, and the yellow was left over from these skirts.

We tried combing his hair like Superman, but this little guy's hair does what it wants, so just pretend he has hair like Clark Kent.

I used yellow and red felt for the Superman logo. I found the stencil template here.

The shirt and pants I made with the Winter PJs. The underwear I made with the pattern from The Red Kitchen. I added a really thick waistband (the yellow part) for the belt. I made some belt loops and looped them around the waistband before attaching it. It only goes up to size 6, so I had to grade up to make the undies big enough to wear on the outside of his pants.

For the cape, I just kind of freehanded it, and it worked out nicely. I cut the back to match the back neckline of the PJs, then basted the cape to the back neckline of the the PJs, and sewed like normal. Now we don't have to worry about reattaching it all night long!
Any other Supermans out there this year?

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Amy Macdonald said...

Oh my gosh - adorable!! He makes a great little Clark Kent :) Thanks for linking up with CraftingCon!

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