October 18, 2013

Mayfair Dress and Spats Pattern

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Pattern was free for helping test.

I recently tested the Mayfair Dress and Spats Pattern from Terra's Treasures. I think it is a gorgeous dress! Seriously, who wouldn't like this pattern? Someone with no taste, that's who. It also comes with a shirt option.

I made it with the ruffles and collar and long sleeves, but you can also make it without the ruffle and collar. There are also instructions for making it with lace, which I love. 

The pattern also includes the spats (legwarmers). They have a cute ruffle on the bottom, and button up the sides.

All the buttons are functional, so this does take some time. I think I sewed more than 20 buttons and buttonholes for this outfit!

She loves it though, so that makes it worth the time! I love it too, and I can see more Mayfair Dresses and Tops in the future for my girls. The fantastic thing about this pattern is it goes all the way up to size 14, so you can use it for a long time!

Right now, it's on sale for only $7.50. Hurry on over and grab it before the price goes up!

Dress Fabric: Central Park North Meadow in Reservoir by Kate Spain from Stitches N' Giggles

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amy mayen said...

I LOVE your version! It's darling!

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