October 02, 2013

How To Make Your Own Piping

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Ever since I made the Adelaide Vintage Romper, I've loved using piping. But the piping in the package is a solid color. So if you want something a little more interesting, like the piping I used to flip the w pants, you have to make your own.

Luckily, it's not too hard.

First, make your own bias tape. You want it to be double fold bias tape. The size of your bias tape depends on the size of the cording you use. Then you need some type of cording (or even yarn) and your zipper foot.

Open up the bias tape.

Insert the cording into the bias tape, lining it up along the center fold.

Fold the tape in half, keeping the cording down the center. Use pins to hold it in place.

Use a basting stitch and your zipper foot to secure the cording inside the bias tape, and viola! You have piping.

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Elaine said...

Thank you! I had a Viking machine that had an AMAZING piping foot and I used to make piping with it all the time. But our Viking dealer retired here so I had to find another dealer, and switched to Janome. The Janome piping foot is awful -- I can't get a tight fit around the piping with it, so I quit making piping... I used to use it as an inner border accent or binding accent on my quilts all the time, so I've been sad about that. Never occurred to me to use the zipper foot -- DUH. Thank you, THANK YOU!

Kerry said...

Brilliant idea!

adrienne said...

How come it needs to be double fold bias tape?

Terra Sews said...

It doesn't need to be double fold bias tape. I just think the fold down the center makes it easier to line up the cording down the center. Thanks for your question!

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