July 26, 2013

Tiered Knit Dress Tutorial

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This is a cute little dress made with knit fabric. I drafted the bodice using a t-shirt, then added the tiers on the bottom to make it a dress.

She's wearing it with leggings made from an old sweater, and you could add a cardigan for warmth. Or just wear it as is for hot summer days.

It's paired here with the bow belt I made to go with this top.

 I didn't make a pattern for this one, but it has simple lines, so it's a good one to draft using a basic t shirt as a starting point.

 First, cut out your pieces. Make sure the ruffles are long enough to overlap each other to hide your stitching.

Gather one long edge of each ruffle.

Layer them on the skirt piece and stitch in place. Do the same with the back skirt piece, making sure each tier lines up, so they are even when you sew the two skirt pieces together.

Then it's just sewing the shirt. Some of my pictures seem to be missing, so I'll try to explain as well as I can. Email me if you have questions.
Stitch one shoulder seam and finish the neckline as desired, then stitch the other shoulder seam.

Hem the sleeve pieces.

Pin the sleeves to the arm curve and sew in place.

Then stitch the skirt pieces to the bottom of the bodice pieces and stitch the dress up the side seams, along the underarm curve and back down the arm to finish.

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