July 29, 2013

Color Blocked Leg Warmers Tutorial

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Since color-blocking is everywhere right now, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and make some color-blocked leg warmers. Fun, right?

Here they are in all their color-blocked glory. I stuck with white in the middle, since I didn't have specific outfits in mind to pair them with. You could also jump on the ombre bandwagon and make them ombre leg warmers if color blocking isn't your thing.

 They work great with skirts or shorts.
Here's how to make them.

First of all, just double everything I say to make two leg warmers. Unless you only want one legwarmer. Although that might look a little funny.

Okay, cut three strips of fabric. The height will depend on how long you want your legwarmers to be and the width will depend on how gathered you want them to be. Don't forget to account for seam allowances. I used a pair of pants as a guide, and made mine about double the circumference of the leg.

Sew your strips together and press seams open.

 Fold the top and bottom over twice and press to form casings.

Stitch close to the pressed edge to form the casing.

This is what it should look like with casings on the top and the bottom.

Cut four pieces of 1/8 inch elastic for each legwarmer. The length should be approximately the circumference of the leg. This doesn't have to be an exact science. The most important one is the top-that has to be snug enough to make sure the legwarmer doesn't fall down the leg.

Take two pieces of elastic, and sew them along the seams, stretching the elastic as you sew.

The elastic should relax when you let it go, causing the legwarmers to gather.

 Insert the other two pieces of elastic into the top and bottom casings.

With right sides together, stitch the legwarmers closed, making sure to catch the elastic in your seams and lining up the colors.

Lather, rinse, and repeat for the other one.

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