June 14, 2013

Wreath Backdrop Tutorial

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Way, way, way back when I came across this backdrop for a clock. I loved it, and decided to make one for my mantel, to use as a backdrop for wreaths, since I seem to have a lot of them. They are just such an easy project to do that they tend to accumulate. There wasn't a tutorial that I could find, so I made it up as I went along.

I used it as a part of my Christmas mantel.

And my Valentine's Day mantel.

And it even makes a nice backdrop when taking pictures of other projects, like these wooden coasters.

Click for the tutorial.

I just used the cheapest 1 x 4s that I could find. 

Cut boards so that you have six pieces of equal length. Line up those six boards next to each other and measure across. Cut two boards to that measurement.

Use liquid nails to attach the two crosswise boards to the six lengthwise boards. 

Use weight if you need to.

Then flip it over and hammer in some nails {real ones} to secure the boards.

 To finish, I painted everything with white paint {straight out of the can, no tint} and let it dry. Then I gave it a good sanding and went over the whole thing with a dark stain, wiping with a damp cloth as I went to give it an antiqued finish. It was messy, so there aren't any pictures.

You can hammer nails into this to use to hang pictures or wreaths or whatever. Or I just use a ribbon that I loop through the wreath and tape to the back, because that's how I roll.

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