June 10, 2013

Summer PJs

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I purchased the pattern for these Summer PJs way back in February, but we had a really cold spring. Then all of a sudden, it got really warm, so I whipped up a pair. But before I made a matching pair for my other daughter, it got cold again, so they got delayed. But much to Bella's delight, I finally finished a second set. 

See? Really excited. And she had to make sure she smiled in a way that would show off the tooth she just lost. Everyone she sees has to know about that tooth.

I had planned to take pictures of my girls together, but as I was getting ready to take pictures, one of them fell asleep. That's the problem with longer days. No one thinks it's bedtime. 

But this way, you can see the PJs in action. 

They are a quick sew, and relatively simple steps. By the second pair, I had it down. These would be a good project if you're just getting started sewing with knits. Baby rib knit works really well for the contrast bands. Just make sure that the bands are cut shorter than the piece you are stitching them to so that you have to stretch the rib knit. That helps them stay in place {rather than showing the seam, although I think keeping the seam hidden all the time isn't going to happen} when the pjs are worn.


Mae said...

Got this pattern in a 5 pack and have yet to get to it. I'm assuming it will be sooner than later bc his current pairs are looking snug. Glad to know what I'm in for!


Monica Swift said...

These look perfect! I love that 'action' shot, ha. So, so sweet. The kids live in their pj's, so this pattern should really go at the top of the list!

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