April 15, 2013

Wood Coasters

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I shared these over on Ucreate in December as part of the Simple Gifts series. Then I never got around to reposting them here before Christmas. So I'm posting them now, because it's about that time when I start thinking about those end-of-the-year teachers' gifts.

These are actually really inexpensive to make. I used scraps of wood from other projects and supplies I already had, so my grand total was $0. Depending on the length, a 1"x4" board is somewhere around $5 {I think}, and you should be able to get several sets of coasters out of one board.

I made mine with stripes and chevrons, but there are lots of other options. While I was making them, I was thinking they would be neat with a damask pattern or a monogram. Monograms would perfect for teacher gifts.

Once you've made them, just tie them with some ribbon and you're good to go! These are simple enough that older children could help. Just be warned-they can get messy!

Here's what you'll need:

1x4 board
An old rag
Sealant of some kind {optional}

First, cut your boards into the desired size. I cut mine 4 inches long, which makes them slightly rectangular, since a 1x4 board isn't actually 4 inches wide. If you don't have a saw, ask them to cut it in the store. My Home Depot will do it for free.

Next, get or make a stencil. I cut a chevron pattern out of cardstock with an exacto knife. If you want sharper lines, use something that sticks, like vinyl or removable contact paper.

For the stripes, I used painter's tape cut in half. Quick, easy, and cheap!

Place your stencil on a block and paint.

 Here they are painted. Now get your stain and old rag. Get the rag damp. Use a paintbrush to stain one of your blocks. Wipe it off with the damp rag. It will wipe off the painted areas, showing the paint underneath, but will stain the bare wood. Warning: it's messy. That's why there aren't pictures. Either wear gloves or be prepared to scrub the heck out of your hands.

Then seal them if you'd like, to help them be more moisture resistant. Tie them with some ribbon, attach a card, and you're good to go!

 Note: These are wood, so they aren't going to be moisture-proof. But better a ring on them than an heirloom table, right?

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