April 22, 2013

Flowing Spring Shirt

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I've been toying around with the idea for this shirt for a while. It's kind of like a circle shirt, but with a little more shape. I also like that I can move in it without having such a full sleeve to worry about.

It's pretty and feminine, which I love, but it's also light and comfy which makes it nice for spring and summer. If they ever get here.

I used a lettuce edge for the sleeves, which has the double benefit of being a really easy way to finish knit edges and also, it looks pretty with the gathered sleeves and the general flowy-ness of the shirt. {Is that a word? Spell check doesn't seem to think so.}

I made a tie to go with it, but I haven't decided yet if I like it more with the tie or without.

 One last shot, and then it's on to the tutorial.

Okay, here we go.

I'm not sure how much fabric I used. Maybe a yard and a half?

Use a shirt that fits well as a guide to cut out the body. I like to fold it in half so that right and left sides are the same. You will need to add a little extra width, because we are going to be cutting into the body of the shirt later on.

The front and back pieces should be the same; just cut a deeper neckline for the front.

Cut the sleeve pieces. The top of the sleeve is shown folded. For this shirt, the sleeves are just long strips that are wider at the top and narrow toward the bottom. I cut my sleeves longer than the body of the shirt so that they could be gathered.

Cut pieces for the neckband and a waist tie {optional-the tie that is. Not the neckband so much.}. 

Sew the front and back together at shoulders and side seams, right sides together.

Finish the hem of the shirt. I used a lettuce edge. If you need help with that, go here.

Turn the shirt right side out and fold in half.

Cut away part of the side seam, starting a little above the bottom of the arm scythe and going all the way down to the hem. This is why you needed the extra width. Save theses pieces!

Hem the curved edge of both of the sleeves, from the bottom, all the way around the top and back to the bottom on the other side. I used a lettuce edge again.

Gather the top of the sleeve so that the sleeve is the same  length as the body of the shirt. 

Pin the sleeves to the shirt, right sides together.  You'll go up the side of the shirt, across the shoulder, and back down the other side.

 This is what the shirt will look like after you stitch the sleeves on.

Hem the underarm pieces you cut out along the top.

Pin the underarm piece back to the body of the shirt. You'll be pinning through three layers of fabric. Make sure the right side of the shirt is together with the right side of the underarm piece {the sleeve will be sandwiched in the middle}.

This is what it should look like when you have the underarm piece sewn in.

Sew the neckband piece into a tube.

Fold it in half to enclose the raw edges.

Pin it to the shirt and sew on.

Press the neckband up and you're done!

Unless you want a waist tie; then go ahead and sew that too. High five! Now you're done for real!

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Laura said...

Lovely project!
Maybe, I will try it :)

Laura from Italy

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