March 15, 2013

Sun and Surf Pattern Tour

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I received all of the patterns from both the Sun & Surf Collections in exchange for this post reviewing two of them.

The white dandelion fabric in the skirt was free as part of a prize package I won in a contest.
When I was asked to participate in the Sun & Surf Collection Pattern Tour, I jumped at the chance. The problem was figuring out which of the patterns I wanted to sew up. I ended up going with the Coastal Cargoes from the Surf Collection and the Boardwalk Skirt from the Sun Collection.

I've done several coordinating outfits for my girls, but this is the first time my son got to match. I made the Coastal Cargoes in a fun orange fabric, because let's be honest. Every boy needs a pair of orange pants. I love the bias tape trim on these pants. Then I made up the Boardwalk skirt in a fabric that had the same colors in it. I made the tie from the same bias tape I used on the pants. 

 I love the way this skirt came together. The ruffle peeking out from underneath is so fun. I really went to town and used as much fabric as I could for the ruffle. When I couldn't get it to gather any tighter, I knew it was perfect.

The nice thing about the underskirt is it isn't as full, so it keeps her covered when she twirls, which is a must in this skirt.

 Now for the pants. I love all the attention to detail. They take more time to sew up than, say, a pair of pajama pants, but the end results are worth it. I really love how they are constructed so that there are no raw edges on the inner leg seams. That way you don't have any frayed edges when you roll them up.

I also love the welt pockets. Don't be scared if you've never done them before. They're easier than they look!

Here they are in their coordinating outfits. Unfortunately, it snowed earlier this week, not to mention that we are landlocked, so they can't actually use them in the sand and surf. But they will when we head to the beach this summer!

She's not actually giving me the thumbs up sign. She is counting down. I was limited to taking ten pictures with her in them.

Side note: I didn't realize he was so much taller then her. I think he's had a growth spurt.

You can buy the Sun Collection which includes four patterns for girls...

Or the Surf Collection which includes four patterns for boys.

You can also buy all 8 patterns together. These patterns are only available at this price until March 24, so hop on over to grab them! You can also click the links below to see what other bloggers have been doing with these patterns.

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Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

Love the orange - and that ruffle-y trim is gorgeous. Thanks for joining us on this tour.

Zafarani said...

I love the orange too! They turned out so adorable! And I do think it is the time for growth spurts. :D

Andrea Pannell said...

Love these! Great fabric! I love how they coordinate. And orange is a PERFECT color on him! So cute! Thanks so much for reviewing the patterns!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Adore this whole look! Fabric choices are wonderful!

Reecea Henderson said...

Adorable!! Love these:)

Trine (groovybaby) said...

How cute is this - matching siblings!! Love the orange pants. Great job


Katie said...

Great job. I love the colors of your son's pants. They have so much great detail. Will have to try a welt pocket soon.
That skirt is TOO cute, LOVE IT.

Marriah said...

Those are adorable! I really love them. They would be perfect for my son and daughter.

Delia said...

My son would have loved those orange pants. Heck...I love them! Both pieces turned out beautifully! YOu are so talented Terra. and... I agree. That pants pattern was so smart. More work but worth it. :)

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