March 21, 2013

Schoolday Skirt Pattern

I've been sharing quite a few patterns with everyone lately. I really love some of the PDF patterns from bloggers. You get a lot of fun, original designs that just aren't available with commercial patterns. Plus, they usually come in a large range of sizes so you can use them for a long time. I also have learned some new techniques and tricks, because the pattern designer can really walk you through the sewing process. They've undergone testing by real people {me being one of them this time} who receive the pattern free in exchange for sewing it up to make sure the pieces fit together correctly and the instructions make sense.

Anyway, this pattern is the Schoolday Skirt from Blank Slate Patterns. Melissa is one of my favorite pattern designers. I love the way her patterns have extra details that really make them unique. They also are easy to adapt to your own style.

To go with this skirt, I came up with my own pattern for this little three-quarter sleeve cardigan. I covered the buttons for the cardigan in the same fabric I used for the buttons on the skirt. There are also little pockets on the cardigan, because spring means time outdoors, and that means finding little treasures. You need pockets for those!

I'll have the tutorial for the cardigan up in a few days. It will include a pattern for the cardigan in size 2T because I'm nice like that. In the meantime, go check out some of the Blank Slate patterns.


Suzanne Winter said...

wohooo - I can't wait for the pattern and tutorial - that cardigan is so CUTE! I am in love with this skirt- I think I need to buy it, every time I see one of the tests of it I fall in love all over again, the color you used is so amazing for spring. Hmmmmmmmm, I'm trying so hard not to spend money going into spring, but I want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly ;op

Jessica Dean said...

Such a cute outfit and adorable model! I love the pleats and covered buttons. :)

Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

Love it - so sweet in the colors and styling!

Tara@Two Posh Toddlers said...

Love it! Can't wait for the pattern and the tutorial! Melssa is one of my favorites also :-)

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

This is adorable!!! I love it so much!

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