February 22, 2013

Turquoise Anthropologie Inspired Pillowcases

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There is a local sewing group that two of my friends are in charge of. Once a month, everyone gets together and does a sewing project. This was one of them-these Anthro inspired ruffled pillowcases.

We used a king size sheet set. It was enough to make several standard pillowcase sets. Each pillowcase ended up costing only $3. A much less expensive option than the $48 these retailed for. Seriously? Who pays that much for a pillowcase?

I used a turquoise colored thread for the ruffles. I love the way it looks with the other pillows on my bed. You can read more about the rosette pillow {and get the tutorial} here.

I had some help taking these pictures. I ended up really liking the way this looked with her little feet in the frame.

Here is the full effect. The tutorial for the lamp {also an Anthropologie knock-off} is here.

And here it is with a little model getting comfy.

I used this tutorial. I didn't write my own because I followed that one exactly. The only exception is I don't have a serger, so I used a zig zag stitch on the ruffles instead. Just make sure to shorten your stitch length and  set to a wide width if you want the most impact from your thread color.


Maegan and Dan said...

Love this! wooohoooo for SAA!

Suzanne Winter said...

what a great extra touch the teal tread brings in - great pillow case... if only my bed ever looked that pretty I might be inspired to make my own, but it rarely gets fully made in these crazy days ;op

Shalise Rasmussen said...

What the heck?! As I was reading this I was like, this sounds just like Maeg's sewing group! I guess it is :)

Terra Sews said...

Yep, and a huge thank you to Maegan for cutting the fabric too!!

Becky Crutcher said...

Beautiful Pillows! Pinning this one, so I can make some too. Please drop by and check out my Pottery Barn Knock-off Easter Eggs @ www.poshpinkgiraffe.com


Tara@Two Posh Toddlers said...

These are SO pretty!

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