January 17, 2013

Polka Dots and Stripes

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The theme over at Project Run and Play is Stripes and Polka Dots. I really love stripes and polka dots. They are some of my favorite things. So I decided to sew along this week. Unfortunately, I didn't have fabric with large enough polka dots to match my vision. So I made my own. Enter the Polka Dot Top.

I really loved how flow-y and drape-y the fabric was. It just didn't have polka dots. So I created some circle stencils and stenciled some on. I'll have a tutorial for that at the end of the post. I started with a Simplicity peasant dress pattern and modified it to create the tunic.

So with the top taken care of, the next problem I ran into was the leggings. I knew I wanted leggings to go with the tunic, but I couldn't decide which of the striped fabrics I had in my stash went with the top the best. Also, I thought that plain leggings would make the look too boring. So I decided to amp up the leggings a little by adding my own "stripes" with contrasting thread. And here are the Tiered Ruffle Leggings {which I will have a tutorial for soon}. I used a Butterick pattern for the basic leggings and added the tiered ruffles.

And here is the whole look. I tied both pieces together by making a headband. It uses the green fabric and an extra tier from the leggings.

Here's the outfit, complete with her sparkly shoes. A side note: we were going bowling as a family and I was explaining to her that she would have to wear special shoes to go bowling. Her eyes got really big and she said, "Oh, my sparkly shoes?"

Here is the whole look on my little girl. She's sitting on her Ombre Dresser.

And a couple more, because I think she's so adorable.

As a reward for putting up with all the picture-taking, I let her jump on my bed. Shhh, don't tell my husband.

And now for the polka dot tutorial.

 First, I cut out my pieces because I didn't want to stencil any more polka dots than I had to. I cut out lots and lots of circles from freezer paper and randomly ironed them to my fabric.

Then I painted, being careful not to go past the edges of the freezer paper. A tip: you don't have to buy fabric paint. You can buy something at Hobby Lobby in the acrylic paint section to add to acrylic paints to make them permanent on fabrics. 

Then peel off the freezer paper and you're ready to go. I pressed my fabric before starting to set the paint and smooth out puckers.
I constructed the tunic similarly to this top. I just went all the way around the neckline with the elastic thread before sewing the last sleeve to the back piece. Then I left one side seam open and sewed four rows of elastic thread to gather it at the waist.


Anonymous said...

So incredibly adorable!!

mjb said...

Love this outfit!!! Adorable:)

sallyavena said...

Great idea for the leggings. The whole outfit is adorable!

feroni2 said...

cuuut)) I like it!!!

jacq said...

love the huge polka dots!
almost went this route for my boy.

thomastwins811 said...

I LOVEEEEEE IT!! You did such a great job--leggings are adorable and the color is beautiful!

sweeter than cupcakes said...

Super cute leggings!

Sabra said...

So cute! Love the detail of the stitching on the ruffles.

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit!

T'onna @ Submarine Sunday

Shannon said...

Fantastic! (Those leggings!!!!)

Kerry said...

She is such a beauty!! Cute outfit too.

Simple Simon & Co said...

This outfit is fantastic! So cute---it looks so light and clean. I love it! And I'm so glad to have you sewing along!

Charity said...

That is a cute outfit! I really love the leggings. =)

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