January 14, 2013

La Fleur Headband

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This was originally a guest post (and the supplies were provided to me for free) for The Ribbon Retreat. I have some new projects coming soon! {Watch their sales if you want to make this headband with the same flower.} I named the headband after the flower, but I don't speak French, so I have no idea if that is grammatically correct. The only reason I know Fleur is French is because of Harry Potter.

My daughter loved this headband so much that she wore it to her dance lesson. The nice thing about using elastic is it fits me too. I also love using elastic for headbands because it is so comfortable. Want to make your own?

These are links to the items I used from The Ribbon Retreat. You can adapt as necessary.

Pearlies {I used 10mm}
I used Dark Coral, Antique White, and Ivory
Elastic {I used 1/8"}

Glue the pearlies to the centers of the flowers.

Cut the elastic to the length you want for the headband and use hot glue to glue the ends together. Make sure the elastic is flat all the way around. You don't want it to twist. Here is a size guide if you need it.

Glue the flowers to the elastic where the ends of the elastic meet. Keep in mind the elastic will stretch, so you may want to glue them close together. That way, when the headband is worn, elastic won't peek out between the flowers.

Glue the felt circles to the backs of the flowers, on the other side of the elastic. I had to trim my circles slightly.

It should look like this. You can stop here, or add the French Veil Netting.

Cut a rectangle of netting a couple of inches wider and longer than the flowers. You can trim it to fit if you need to. Pinch each end and use a dab of hot glue at each end to hold it in place.

Insert one end between a flower and the felt circle behind it and glue in place. Do the same on the other end.

And you're done!

This is really similar to the Vintage Rosettes I made here.

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