November 19, 2012

Ombre Dresser Makeover

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I am in the {very slow} process of decorating my daughters' bedroom. I saw this dresser on Pinterest and thought it would make a fun addition to my girls' bedroom. We went with pink ombre instead of teal.

Bella's favorite color changes all the time, so I was a little worried that between the time it took for me to buy the paint and actually paint the dressers, her favorite color would change. Luckily, instead of changing, it increased to include purple and red along with pink. See the pillow on the bed? It's the one I made here

We did both of their dressers. For the one with fewer drawers, we just skipped every other paint color.

They love them. They both wanted to be with me while I took the pictures, so here is one with Cita. Yes, she dressed herself. They were both so excited to show Daddy their new dressers when he came home from work.

This was a much easier project than I thought. I wouldn't have put it off for so long if I'd known how easy it would be.

We started with dressers that had already been painted white, which saved a lot of time. I used acrylic paint, since you really don't need that much. If you wait until acrylic paint is on sale at Hobby Lobby, you can get one brand for about 50 cents each. You could also get paint sample cans, but those will run you about $2.50 each. If you do end up going with acrylic, you might want to give it a clear top coat.

Then I just took the drawers out and painted the front of each of them. This is a good opportunity to organize and clear out drawers too! I found socks that were probably years old buried in the bottoms of their drawers.

I also used a faux metal finish {again from Hobby Lobby} to quickly redo the dresser hardware. It was really showing it's age, but this new finish adds a lot.


Katie Johnson said...

What a cute idea - it looks Great!

Rachel said...

This looks great! I have a thing with dressers for my kids. I had this need to find and makeover the perfect dresser before each of my 3 babies was born. My little girl's dresser is my favorite. I came over from the girl creative.

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