November 03, 2012

Big Bow Dress and Ruffle Fabric Legwarmers

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Pattern was free in exchange for testing it.

I had the opportunity to test another pattern. This time I tested for Miranda of One Little Minute. {Be sure to check out her blog. She has some mad sewing skills}. She released a pattern for her Big Bow Dress. I was beyond excited to test it. I've been drooling over that dress since I first saw it floating around on Pinterest.

I decided to whip up some leg warmers to go with it. What's a big bow dress with out big bow leg warmers, right? They're made from ruffle fabric, so they were super simple. I saw them as an accessory to this vest, and thought I'd make my own.

She liked them. Or maybe it's just her cute little piggies she's looking at.

Here's the whole ensemble. I am in love with this dress. I think they'll end up being my girl's Easter dresses this year. The dress includes an invisible zipper, which I've never used before. This helped me get over my fear of using them.

Now on to the legwarmers.

You'll need some ruffle fabric, knit fabric in a coordinating color, thread and some elastic {optional} and bows {also optional}. 

First cut out a rectangle of fabric for each of your legwarmers. I used some I already had as a guide, but you could also use tights or leggings.

Cut out two pieces of elastic the width of the leg you want them to stay up on. Cut two pieces of your knit fabric to cover the elastic. Alternatively, just use the knit fabric.

Cover the elastic as shown.

Note how the elastic/knit is smaller than the leg warmers. You want it to fit tightly so they aren't constantly falling down.

Stretch the elastic to fit the top of one leg warmer and stitch, using a stitch that will stretch.

Fold up the elastic, as shown.

Stitch up the side of the leg warmer.

Do the same for the other one and they should look like this when turned right side out. You don't need to finish the bottom, because the ruffle fabric is already finished.

Add some bows and you're done. Unless of course, you want to make a Big Bow dress to go with them!

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