October 29, 2012

Just Plum Ruffled Top

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Here is the last tutorial for the A Few of My Favorite Things look. It's a basic tee with a little extra detail.

I wanted the top to tie everything together, so I incorporated each of my fabrics into this piece. If you want the tutorial for the skirt, go here. The tutorial for the leggings is here.

Start with the front piece of your shirt. I attached the collar first, but I'd recommend waiting. Cut out a square   to fit the neckline, then round the bottom corners. Cut out a strip of fabric for the ruffle.
First, finish the top, flat edge of the dot fabric. Gather the striped fabric, then pin in around the outer edge of the dot fabric, right sides together. Stitch in place.

Attach to the front piece of your shirt by stitching in the ditch and across the top of the dot fabric. I also stitched across the top edges of the ruffle to keep it in place.

Then just finish the top as you normally would and you're done.

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