October 11, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I really love following Project Run and Play. Even though I've never actually made anything directly inspired by one of the designs, it's given me a lot of inspiration. And how can you not love all that eye candy? I wanted to play along this season, but I haven't really had inspiration hit strongly enough that I actually sat down and made something. Until now. {Cue lightbulb.}

I was browsing around online, and I wound up looking at some Persnickety clothes. Then, the next day, I was driving my children to school and my mind came up with this combination of fabrics that I have in my stash:

I then came up with these outfits by the time we arrived at school. It's not based on anything specific I saw, but it incorporates a lot of my favorites, like knit fabric, stripes and ruffles. And my children, but that goes without saying. I couldn't decide which girl to make it for, so I made one for each. They loved wearing matching outfits. Unfortunately, they loved peeling the paint off of the wall behind them even more.

 So we moved to a new location. This is how kids are supposed to walk in the halls at school. Although my youngest isn't old enough for school, she is well prepared for when her time comes. It also gives a nice view of the back.

These girls are best friends. I love it.  

I'll be sharing tutorials for each piece, so check back soon!

skirt tutorial


Emily said...

Adorable outfits! Love the pattern mixing and the colors and the matchingness. :)

Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

Great colors! I think the first brick wall shot looks kind of like an arrest :-) Although I have totally been known to tell my kids to put their hands on their belly buttons to stop them from touching stuff.

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