June 29, 2012

Nautical Stripes Tee

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I get my inspiration from so many odd places. Today, this shirt is inspired by a handbag. I saw a Kate Spade bag with green, navy, and white, and liked the color combination. Then while I was browsing the twenty-five cent rack at the thrift store, I came across two knit tees-one in green and one in navy. I had a piece of white tee leftover from the Candy Corn Tee, and so the Nautical Stripes Tee was born.

Here is Bella modeling it. We got our outside time in before the heat wave hit.

She's wearing it with a pair of shorts made with my Cuffed Shorts Tutorial.

One more picture just for fun. 

All you'll need for this is some old t-shirts. They don't have to be exactly the same, but it will work better if they have a similar weight and stretch.

Here's my pile of shirts.

I wanted the green for the top, so I cut out some sleeves using a shirt as my pattern.

See? Here's the shirt. I cut the green shirt apart into front and back pieces so I could use the existing collar. I cut out the front piece.

Then I used that piece to cut out the back.

Then I layered my stripes. I left the right seam intact on all the strips, and cut off the excess fabric on the left. I used the existing hem on the bottom piece.

I sewed the front and back pieces of the top on one side seam {the same one I left intact on the strips.}

Then I just sewed the stripes on, lining up the seams.

Here it is with all the stripes added.

Once the stripes were added, I sewed the shirt together at the shoulder seams and the other side seam.

Then I sewed the underarm seam of the sleeves.

And inserted the sleeves into the shirt and sewed them in. Since I used existing hems for the neck. sleeves, and bottom, that was it. I finished this in less time than it took my husband to mow the lawn.


Tricia said...

I love the colors, and way to use up that last remaining strip of white. Doesn't it feel good to use what you have? Love it.

Chelle said...

Never thot I'd say it but I do like the colors together!!! I am so envious as I wouldn't have been able to "whip this out while Hub mowed the lawn"!! Great job & TFS!!!

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