June 06, 2012

Busy Bag Swap

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I can't take credit for this, but it was such a great idea that I wanted to share. A little while ago, one of my friends organized a busy bag swap. She set up a spreadsheet in google docs and everyone who was interested picked one of the activities to make. Then we all got together and swapped. My kids have been loving these. They're great for keeping little hands busy. 

Pictured below are the activities I got in the exchange. You can use the same ones, or come up with different ideas. Pinterest is full of them.

 1. Race Car Shapes                                                     2. Color Wheel Matching
 3. Spools and Straws (used wooden dowel and block  4. Beads in a Water Bottle

 1. Pool Noodle Stringing (added pattern cards)             2. Pasta Sort
 3. Discovery Bottle                                                       4. Play Dough Mats

 1. Lacing Cards                                                           2. Egg Carton Match
 3. Velcro Shape Sticks                                                4. Magnetic Pom Poms

1. Texture Cards                                                          2. Fishing Game
3. Sensory Steps                                                          4. Mix and Match Game

1. Mini Reversible Felt Game                                        2. Sorting Beads into Ice Cube Tray
3. Button String                                                             4. Pipe Cleaner Toy

 1. Spooning Beads
 2. Rainbow Rice


Kerry said...

Such clever ideas to keep the kids busy this summer!

nisha hameed said...

Ur newest follower. love ur work. I blog at www.nichuspace.blogspot.in

nest full of eggs said...

I saw your post at PR&P & just had to stop by... these look like great ideas, I'd like to try some of these, thanks for sharing :)

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