April 30, 2012

Rainbow Rosettes Headband

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I had a bunch of rosettes left over from my St. Patrick's Day project. I kept them because I spent all that time making them and I didn't want to waste them, but they were just sitting there taking up {much needed} space.

Then Bella asked me what I was going to do with them and I decided to make her a headband. Right then, so I wouldn't have to look at the rosettes anymore. 

She loved it so much. She keeps wanting to wear it. She walked into school the next day and made sure everyone saw it, and when they complimented her on it, she said proudly, "Mommy made it for me!" I love that girl!

I don't have a tutorial for this, but I used basically the same method as this headband.


Melissa said...

Very pretty - love the rainbow.

Trina said...

I really like it. I am going to try one for my daughter. She loves rainbows.

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