April 04, 2012

Fields of Flowers Dress

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This dress is inspired by this dress from Old Navy. I met up with my friend Mandy {which was great-we've been friends since 3rd grade but don't get to see each other very often since we live in different states} and we did a little shopping. I fell in love with the above-mentioned dress, and when I found this floral fabric {on clearance for $3 per yard no less} I decided these would be my girls' Easter dresses.

I love the ruffled collar on the top.

And I love how cute they look on my girls.  I have more than my usual number of pictures, so bear with me. 

She wasn't so sure about this photo shoot. I think that's almost a smile.

I kept trying to get them to give each other kisses, since they normally do all the time.  This was the only one I got them to give me, but at least I got it on camera.

I have plenty of shots of the back of the dress. Here she is walking away with her collection of rocks.

Bella passed on the rocks and went for sticks instead.  The tutorial for the bows in their hair is here. That was actually the hardest part of the whole project-getting Cita to let me put bows in her hair! She always wants to pull them out and look at them.

 Also, I have a small favor to ask.  If you want to pin something from this post, or any post on my blog, would you mind grabbing a picture that doesn't have my children's faces in it?  Thanks so much!  

Click below for the tutorial.

I used 2 1/2 yards of fabric for this dress because I wanted to make sure that I had plenty.  I did. Also, use a really light weight cotton or the ruffled collar will stick out instead of drape. Quilting cotton is probably going to be too stiff.

First make the bodice.  I used a dress that fit, but you could also use a basic bodice pattern. Cut the front piece on the fold.

Cut the back into two pieces, leaving extra fabric so it will overlap in the back for the buttons.

Use the bodice pieces to cut lining fabric for the front...

And both of the back pieces.

Use the skirt of the dress as a guide for the skirt.

Cut the skirt piece a little shorter than the length you want the dress to be, and cut another, wider piece for the ruffle along the bottom. Their are two pieces of each size.  For the yellow dress {maybe a 2T?} the skirt pieces measured 10"x21" and the bottom ruffle pieces measured 25"x5 1/2".

Cut two pieces of lining for the skirt piece only. You don't need it for the bottom ruffle.

Cut one long piece for the top ruffle.  Mine measured 40"x4".  I forgot to write down measurements for the blue dress, but at least this is a starting point if you are making a different size.

Match the front bodice piece with the front lining piece right sides together and stitch around all the outer edges, except for along the bottom.

Trim your corners and clip your curves.

Turn right side out and press.

Match the back bodice pieces with the back lining pieces right sides together.  Again, stitch around the outer edge, except for the bottom. Clip your curves and your corners.

Turn right side out and press.

Stitch the skirt pieces together up the sides with right sides together.

Stitch the bottom ruffle pieces up the sides as well.

Fold the bottom ruffle under and press. Fold again and press.

Stitch along the pressed edge.

Run a gathering stitch along the top of the ruffle.

Turn the skirt right side out and the bottom ruffle inside out.  Insert the skirt into the ruffle. Stitch the ruffle to the skirt.

Turn the ruffle out and press.

Stitch the lining, right sides together, along the sides.

Turn the lining right side out and finish the bottom edge the same way as the ruffle.

Insert the lining into the skirt.

Gather the top of the skirt.  Run the gathering stitch through the lining and the skirt at the same time.  This way, you can treat it as one piece.

Overlap the back pieces to where they will be when you button them.  Pin them together.

Lay the front piece on top of the back piece so right sides are together.

Stitch shoulders and side seams.

Mark your button holes.

Stitch your button holes.

Fold and press one raw edge under twice of the top ruffle.

Stitch along the bottom, close to the pressed edge.  Finish both short sides the same way.

Gather the top ruffle to the length of the neck opening. 

Make or buy bias tape and open it up.  Pin one edge to the bodice with the ruffle sandwiched in between. Pin carefully, making sure you get all the layers lined up. Stitch through all layers. Here is a tutorial for using bias tape, since I really have no idea what I'm doing and just sort of fudged it. Confession: I didn't even use real bias tape.  I just cut a strip of fabric and pressed the raw edges to the center, then pressed it in half.

Leave a little of your {fake} bias tape over the edge.  Fold it in half the opposite way its pressed and stitch.

Then turn it right side out and your ends are finished. Now just fold the bias tape over the raw edges of the top of the bodice and pin.

Topstitch along the edge of the bias tape.

Sew on the buttons and button up the bodice.

Turn the skirt inside out. Insert the bodice into the skirt and pin.  Make sure you get your layers in the right place. Don't try to pin the lining of the front of the bodice along with the back of the bodice or something. Stitch along the raw edges.

Almost done! It looks like a dress now.  You could stop here if you want, but I added a sash.

Cut a long piece of fabric and fold it in half with right sides together.  Stitch along the long end.

Cut off the ends as pictured.

Turn the raw edges under and press.  Stitch close to the edge.

I secured the sash to the dress by stitching it down at the side seams.

Here's a view of the back:

Another view of the finished product. Can you tell I was happy with how these turned out?


Katrine said...

So cute! I love the contrasting fabric between the bodice and the skirt and collar.

Tricia said...

Lovely little dresses Terra.

Mandy and Mark said...

Those turned out perfect! What cuties!

Blooms And Bugs said...

I just about died of cuteness. Your models just look adorable in those dresses AND you shoudl have a warning "Hyper-cuteness alert" or some such thing.

Stephanie Hawkins said...

Beautiful job on these dresses. I really like the fabrics you chose, particularly the yellow. Very whimsical, very spring time. Thanks for the post!

Laura@Corner House said...

Very Cute!!!

Simple Simon & Co said...

I love the color combo with the two girls. So fun!

Bonnie MS said...

I love both dresses! So cute! I realized looking at the pictures that I have the same yellow fabric :D I was going to make a Easter dress or skirt out of it using a vintage pattern but never got the right pattern...hmmmm...maybe a summer dress? Your girls are gorgeous in those dresses very inspiring :)

Ana Lopes said...

Hi Terra ,

Congratulations about your lovely blog, I'm your new follower.I love ruflles, rosettes, flowers and all details you use in clothes.I love these dresses, particularly the blue.My real name is Ana Bella - Ana(means graceful) Bella(means beautiful) it's fun your girls are "Bellas".
Have a look at my blog and leave a comment I'll be glad :)

Hugs from Portugal
Ana Love Craft


Jaya said...

this is adorable! excellent work!

Asha Dsouza said...

this is adorable...
thanks for the sewing patern..

i will try to stich when i buy a sewing mechine...


Scianda Long said...

What do you use for the lining?

Terra Sews said...

I think it was a lightweight cotton, like broadcloth or something.

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