April 07, 2012

Cropped Sleeve Jacket Pattern

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I've slowly worked my way through all the tutorials from my Spring Collection. The last piece that I have a tutorial for is the Cropped Sleeve Jacket.  I love this aqua color.  Bella was asking me what some of my favorite colors were.  One of the colors I mentioned was aqua.  Her response was, "That's not a color, Mommy!"

Color or not, she liked it.  It's shown here with the striped ruffle skirt.

And here is is paired with the Nautical Shorts.

I made a pattern for this jacket, which is available for download here.  There's a one inch scale on one of the pieces.  If it prints to scale, it should be around a size 4T.  I don't have any fancy software or equipment, so I'm not going to guarantee that. 

 Click below for the rest of the tutorial.

Disclaimer: The pictures for this are pretty bad. I made the jacket at night when my kids were asleep, and the overhead light had its lightbulb pilfered by my husband, so the lighting was less than ideal absolutely horrible. I'll try to explain this pattern as best as I can, but feel free to email me or leave a comment with questions.

I used a lightweight cotton {I think it's cotton anyway} fabric since this is a spring jacket.

First cut out all the pieces.  I used the same fabric for the lining and the outside of the jacket.  If you want to use a different fabric, it would make this jacket reversible.

Lay the collar pieces right sides together and sew all the way around the outside edge.  Clip curves and turn right side out. Press.

Match up shoulder seams of the front and back of the jacket lining.

Gather the curve of the sleeves of the lining fabric.  Lay the curve of the seam along the curves of the armhole of the jacket lining, right sides together. Stitch.

Pull the sleeve out and stitch along the underarm of the sleeve, continuing on down the side seam of the jacket.  Repeat for the other sleeve. Then do the same process for the outer fabric of the jacket.  Now you should have what looks like two jackets.

Turn the lining of the jacket right side out.  Match up the raw edge of the collar along the raw edge of the neckline.  The collar won't go all the way around the neckline.  That's okay.

Lay the outer part of the jacket on top of the collar, again matching up the raw edges. Stitch along the whole neckline, making sure you stitch through all three layers.

Turn the outer part of the jacket right side out.  Insert the lining sleeves into the outer jacket sleeves.

It should look like this.  See how there is extra fabric that goes past the collar? This is where the button holes will go.

Press the collar down.

Turn the raw edges of the front opening under and press.

Stitch the raw edges closed.  Also finish the bottom and sleeve hems the same way.

Mark your button holes and sew them on.

This is optional, but I think it adds a lot. Stitch a double line of stitching around the button holes.  Sew on the buttons on the other side.

I also added a fabric flower to the collar. The tutorial for this flower is here.


Amy said...

So adorable!! I wish I could make one for myself!

Tara-ComfyandPrettyBlog said...

Your file is currently set to private.

joko809 said...

Very pretty! I wish I could make one for my little sweety but your file ist currently set to private.

Terra said...

Sorry! It is now public!

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