March 23, 2012

Twirly Ruffle Shirt Tutorial

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This shirt was inspired by this shirt. I used a technique I originally saw in this tutorial, although I did it a little differently.

I love the ruffles and the way it looks so feminine.  She loves the way it twirls!

I had both girls with me for the photo shoot of my Spring Collection. This meant getting shots with just the clothing I'd made was a little tricky {I should have made some for both girls!}, but I did get some cute shots of the sisters playing together.

Want to make your own Twirly Ruffle Shirt? Click below!

Start by cutting out the bodice pieces using an existing shirt as a pattern {or use a regular pattern if you have one!} I'd recommend using knit fabric because it doesn't fray and it drapes well. This took about 2 yards of knit because you use so much for the ruffles.

 I like to cut out the front piece, then use it as a pattern for the back piece so that they are the same shape.  Just cut the neckline of the front piece lower when you're done.

 Cut out the sleeves and a long strip for your waistband.  Mine was about 50 inches long.
Use a piece of yarn to measure the front piece from the center of the neckline to not quite the bottom of the shirt.

The yarn will be used to cut out your ruffles.  Curve it slightly on your fabric, like this:

Cut around it about 2 inches away from the yarn, curving the ends. Then come around and cut along the yarn.  If you want your ruffles thinner, make the first cut closer to the yarn.

I cut out 12 ruffles, but I think I only ended up using 10.

Position 2 ruffles along the center of the front piece, along the inside curve. Pull the curve straight as you go. Stitch close to the edge.

Work your way out until you have as many ruffles sewn on as you would like.

Lay the front piece on the back piece right sides together and stitch shoulders and side seams.

Sew the sleeves at the underarms.  I used a lettuce edge stitch to finish the bottoms of the sleeves.  If you need help with a lettuce edge, go here.

Turn the sleeves right side out and insert them into the shirt.  The shirt should still be inside out.  Stitch the sleeves in.

Finish the neckline.  I just turned it under and stitched it.

Finish the bottom.  I used a lettuce edge again.

Then just sew the sash in a long tube, turn it right side out and finish the ends and you're done!

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Heather Green said...

That is so lovely! I love everything about it!!!

Christy said...

I love how feminine the ruffles look! I will have to try this technique sometime...

Simple Simon & Co said...

I bought some light purple fabric like this, but haven't known what to do with it (although this colors is so pretty...I wish they would have had it too!) Thanks for the inspiration!

Nichole said...

This is gorgeous! I'm going to be keeping my eye out for the perfect fabric for this...thank you!

Katie @ Pincushion Creations said...

This is sooo lovely!

Amy said...

very nice! children and blouse.

Anna said...

My daughter likes your shirts a lot, she wants that I make one too.
I think they are very original.
A hug.

BeadsAndBarnacles said...

A lovely top. Its good to see ruffles in construction, there wasnt as much curve in them as I thought there would be.

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