March 28, 2012

Striped Ruffle Skirt

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I was going to do a tutorial for this skirt.  And then I realized that I had deleted all the pictures on my camera so that my husband would have plenty of memory to use it with the young men at our church. And I hadn't uploaded the pictures for the tutorial. And now I'm not even sure I took them.

But I really love this skirt, so I'm posting it anyway.  I've seen so many ruffled skirts out there. I got the idea to alternate the ruffles by color, so that it would create a stripe effect. I started with one rectangle of fabric long enough to go around my daughter's waist, plus extra for gathering.  I cut 5-4 inch by 45 inch strips of fabric.  I hemmed the bottom of each strip, then made five ruffles.  Then I sewed them to my skirt piece, leaving room for a casing. I made the casing at the top, inserted the elastic, then sewed the rectangle into a skirt.

 Here is a tutorial I've seen around that uses old t-shirts. It gives you a basic idea of what to do. This is another one that uses seersucker.

Here is mine:

There are so many color combinations you could do! I've got a pattern for the jacket coming soon.


Amy said...

Super cute, I seriously can't get enough ruffles in my life! Love how yours turned out.

Christina said...

She's so cute in that dress. Thanks for that tutorial, I really want to learn and make one.

Christina @ Discount Suits

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