March 16, 2012

Spring Collection

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The theme for Round 2 at American Crafter is Kids.  I started by making a quilt for my daughter's bed.  I had this gorgeous idea in my head.  It didn't translate to real life.  So less than 2 days before my project was due, I had nothing. I had a striped ruffled skirt, but that was it.  Since it was better than nothing, I made some other pieces and came up with a Spring Collection.  In less than 48 hours, I designed a shirt, a jacket, shorts and dress, set eight sleeves, sewed on 14 buttons, and made six buttonholes. I also swept and vacuumed, went grocery shopping, helped in my son's classroom, made dinner, drove the kids to and from school and went on two bike rides. Normally my life is much less busy.

I had this shirt in mind when I made the pink top.  I used the technique I saw here to create the ruffles going down the front. I'll get a tutorial up for the shirt soon.

The shorts are my favorite.  The detail is a little hard to see with the white fabric {it shows up better in the last picture}, but I love it.  They were inspired by a pair of pants I got at Old Navy on clearance.  I started with the kid pant pattern from Made {because it was already printed out and much faster than drafting my own} and went from there. I've got a tutorial coming for those also.

I was going for a striped look with the skirt.  I've seen gazillions of versions of ruffled skirts, and somewhere along the line, I came up with the idea to make the ruffles stripes as well. Stripes and ruffles-two things I love  in one cute skirt.
The jacket is fully lined.  It features a cropped sleeves {love them!}, a peter pan collar and is double breasted.  The stitching is hard to see as well {darn it} but it goes around the buttons.  Below is a close up of the flower on the collar.  You can also see some of the stitching around the buttons. I've got a tutorial in the works for the skirt, as well as a pattern for the jacket.

The dress also has a peter pan collar, but this time it's asymmetrical. I embroidered a heart on one side of the collar.  She's also wearing leg warmers.  The tutorial for them is here. I left out the lace this time. For the dress, I used the pattern I made here.  I just cut it longer so it would be dress length.  I also cut the collar longer so that it would overlap.  It's positioned slightly off-center.

Here's a close-up of the heart embroidery.  

The whole collection. Phew. Glad it's done.


Tricia said...

Great job Terra! Do you ever feel that when it's crunch time, and the pressure is on, that some of the best things happen? I always felt like that in school. Love your spring collection!

Kerry said...

How did you do all that including your trip out to Utah this week for a wedding? You do have 3 young children you know.

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Amazing collection! I love how they all look together :)

Pang said...

I am so envious of this collection you've made for your daughter! What talent and dedication to getting things done.

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