March 05, 2012

Ruffle Flower Shirt

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I mentioned in this post that it was my second attempt.  This started out as my first attempt and turned into a colossal fail-at least for that shirt.  I managed to salvage it.  I've been wanting to put some ruffled flowers onto a shirt for a while. Taupe probably wouldn't have been my first choice of color, but since I'd made this shirt already, I decided what the heck.

I also sewed a stretched elastic to the inside on both side seams, creating ruching.

The stitching for the flowers pulled on the fabric, which created an asymmetrical neckline which I like.  If you want to make one, the tutorial for the flowers is here


Melissa said...

That is soooo pretty! And I love the taupe.

kokoro handmade said...

nice, nice idea to shirt anonymous. compliments. ciaooooo

Katie Adams said...

This is so cute! I love the sides!

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