March 01, 2012

Peruvian Connection Tunic Knock-Off

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I found this shirt from Peruvian Connection and pinned it with the intention of making one similar.  I tried and failed, and it ended up on the back burner.  This is my second attempt, which turned out better than the first.

This is the original, which is no longer available.

I cut the shirt out long, like the original, but I didn't like how it looked on me, so I trimmed some off the bottom so the shirt would hit at my hips.  I also didn't get the wavy look that the under layer had on the original, so I improvised.  I used a lettuce edge to add some interest to the bottom.

You'll need about a yard and a half of knit fabric, and about a yard of some sort of sheer fabric for the under layer.  I used a chiffon knit.  If you want the lettuce edge on the under layer, make sure you use a fabric that stretches.

First, cut out the body of the shirt.  I used a more fitted tee for a pattern, so I added some width toward the bottom. Also cut out sleeves.

Cut out the front and back, and cut the front neckline lower, as pictured.

Cut out the bottom layer using the piece you've already cut as a pattern.

Make sure the bottom layer is longer so it will show.

Stitch both layers right sides together at the side seams only.

Both shirts should still be inside out.  Insert the top piece into the bottom piece, matching up shoulder seams.

Stitch the shoulder seams together.

Stitch sleeves along the underarm.  Turn right side out and finish the ends.

Insert the sleeve into the arm hole with right sides together. Stitch through all three layers of fabric.

Finish the bottom hems.  I used a lettuce edge stitch for the bottom layer and a regular stitch for the top layer.  This post talks more about lettuce edges.



Tricia said...

I think that it turned out great, and I love the color on you Terra.

Cindy said...

It's a nice looking top! Thanks for sharing how you constructed it.:)

Anna said...

It's a good idea, congratulations

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