February 16, 2012

Satin Rosettes Tutorial

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This tutorial comes to you courtesy of my husband.  He was teaching our children a lesson on Monday night and used a ribbon to make a flower as part of an object lesson.  I thought it turned out pretty neat, and tried it with some satin.  This was the result;

I added some pearls and a feather and they ended up as a headband. I really love how they turned out.  I think I'll be making more of these flowers.  

 I used some satin scraps to make mine.  It doesn't take a whole lot of satin.  Varying the width and length will make the flowers bigger or smaller.

First, start by sewing the satin into a tube and turning it right side out.  The blue flowers are made from strips of satin about 2-3 inches wide and 23 inches long.  I'm not sure on the pink one.  It was my first experiment.

Fold the satin in the center as shown.

Then take the ends and fold back and forth.  In the picture above, you'd fold over the right end next.  In the picture below, you'd fold the left end over next.

Fold it until you run out of satin.

Stretch it out, keeping hold on the ends.  

Pull one end only, and it will scrunch up into a flower shape.

Glue the short end to the back.  

Then you can either cut off the long end or wrap it around the flower, twisting it and securing it with glue as you go. I wrapped the long end around all my flowers.  Also glue the middle as needed.

Then I made some more.

I glued my flowers to a piece of fleece and added a feather.

Then I trimmed the edges of the fleece.

I added some stretch lace for a headband and I was done.  I think these flowers would be great for a headband for a newborn photo shoot.  


Melissa said...

Cool technique - I'm going to have to try that.

Dordors world said...

Not seen them made like that before . I love them

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