February 08, 2012

PB Flower Pillow

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I saw this pillow from Pottery Barn a little while ago and loved it. Now that it's no longer available in the store, I've finally gotten around to knocking it off.

The original is made with felt, but I couldn't find felt in the creamy off-white color I wanted, so I used fleece instead.  It makes for a wonderfully soft pillow.  Not that anyone is going to actually use this pillow. It took enough time that it is just for looking at.  Which is why as soon as I was done taking pictures, it left the living room.  I think it may end up on somebody's bed. But again, only for looking at.

I made mine in a rectangle shape instead of a square, mainly because I underestimated how many flowers I would need.  But I like it this way, so it's one of those happy accidents.

I used a yard of fleece and had a little left over.  Maybe enough to have made it square? I'm not sure.
First, cut out your fleece {or whatever you're using} to the size you want.

Then cut out lots and lots of circles.  Mine were about six inches across.

Cut the circles in a spiral pattern, just like those rolled paper flowers that are all over.  I've used them before here.

Then cut notches along the outside edge to form petals.  Vary the size as you go.

Start rolling up from the outside, making sure the petal side is facing up.

Finished flowers will look something like this:

You can either stitch the flowers or hot glue them.  If you stitch, make sure you get all the layers so that the flowers don't start to unravel. I started by stitching and it was taking too long, so I ended up cheating hot gluing.

Add the flowers to one layer of the pillowcase, leaving a section along the edges for a seam allowance.

Once you have all the flowers sewn or glued on, it should look something like this:

Lay the other half of the pillowcase right side down on top of the flowers.

Stitch around the edges, making sure you don't get any petals stuck in the seam.  Leave an opening to turn the pillowcase right side out.

Turn it right side out.

Then just stuff it and close the rest of the seam.  Now it's ready for display.

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Christy said...

I love this!! I might have to try one...

Tricia said...

Beautiful, but my finger tips hurt just looking at it.

becky said...

I love it. I was wondering... if you decide to glue the flowers onto the pillow...cud you sew the pillow together first...then glue the flowers onto the top? I thought it might make less stress on the flowers and easier to sew the pillow without the flowers on. What do you think?

stephanie said...

So pretty..I've made rosettes before but never using a scalloped edge. Really like that touch. Thanks for sharing...

Terra said...

Becky-I'm sure sewing the pillow together first would be great. In fact, if it's already stuffed, it would give you a better idea of where to place the flowers.

Jodie said...

One of the things of my "to do" list is these flowers. I've got a lot of them pinned.

Jodie said...

Oops. "on"

Sassy Sites! said...

I love this!!

Brooke said...

So pretty. I've been wanting to make one of these. Great tutorial!!

Asha Dsouza said...



Unknown said...

so pretty! thanks for sharing this!

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