January 05, 2012

Junebug Dress Remix

A new season is starting over at Project Run and Play.  The first week's theme is a Remix of the Junebug Dress.  It's an adorable dress, so I decided to play along, and came up with a dress that I love.  I don't care if everyone else hates it; I'm totally happy with it.

I kept the bodice the same as the original.  I used some vintage-y looking buttons that I got off a thrifted shirt. {Where else would I get my buttons?} I used some knit fabric in ivory for the sleeves.  I wanted to give the effect of a jumper. I ruched the bottom of the sleeves for a little extra detail.

Then I added ruffles to the skirt. Lots of them. Because I love ruffles. I machine ruffled for the first time in my life, and I can't believe I've never done that before.  All you do is set the stitch length to the longest possible and crank up the tension and you have the most even ruffles I've ever made.

One of my favorite parts of the outfit is the lace legwarmers.  I'll be posting a tutorial for them soon. I used the same fabric as the dress and added some lace.

Update: The lace legwarmer tutorial is here.

It needed a little something to pull it all together, so I added a headband made with the same mustard colored fabric I used for the rosettes on the legwarmers. I added a rosette made with lace and the blue fabric and I was done.  So was she at this point. Check out those pouty lips.

See the Smarties?  That's how we made it through this photo shoot.


tobecontinued said...

Love your remix! And I think the ruffles are fabulous! I machine-ruffle all the time, it is such a time saver!!! I participated in the remix too by making it into overalls. There are so many great entries!

nest full of eggs said...

so fun !! those ruffles are amazing !

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I hear ya with the Smarties-we use Pez candy, lol! So, anyways, LOVE the dress. The ruffles are gorgeous, the sleeves in a different fabric-brilliant! love it all!

Trina said...

This outfit is adorable, I don't sew but I love those ruffles.

Ajaire said...

First of all I love legwarmers so I'll definitely be following this blog :)

I love these ruffles and I'm curious what weight the fabric is? Is it a bottom weight? It looks kind of satiny-shiny, but holds its own so I'm curious. I have some fabric that I think I may mimic this with, but I wanted to be sure it would be too stiff.

Terra said...

It's actually just a cotton fabric that I got on the bargain shelf. It's pretty similar in weight and stiffness to broadcloth. It's probably just the lighting that makes it look shiny.

Jessica Stoker said...

I love this look. The ruffles are to die for and the color is amazing. Great work.

Jennifer said...

This remix is ahhh-mazing!! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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