December 22, 2011

Scarf Hanger from Cupboard Door

I saw this project on Pinterest a while ago, and decided to make one for myself.  Hers is intended for coats, but I wanted mine as a place to hang scarves.  I've been making a lot of them lately, and they were piling up.

This way they can hang and look pretty instead of being in a pile on top of my cedar chest.  It also works for necklaces, like the turquoise knot necklace.

I used flat backed glass marbles to create my hooks.  I was going to use drawer pulls, but then I saw they were several dollars each for ones that I liked.  So I made my own for free with supplies I already had.  Plus I like these better. They work for what I wanted to use them for, but I don't think they'd work to hold something heavy like coats.

Click below for how I made it.

First I started with some glass marbles.  I like to use magazines to find the backing.  This picture of orange flowers against a gray backdrop worked well for the color scheme I had in mind. I cut them out and used Mod Podge to glue them to the backs of my marbles.

Then I painted my cupboard door white with gray edges.

I used a ruler to space my nails evenly across the board.

Then I hammered them in.

I attached some hanging hardware to the back of the door.  Make sure to do this before you add the glass marbles.  In fact, it would probably be easier to do this before you hammer in the nails.

Then use a strong glue to attach the glass marbles to the nails.  I used nails with large heads to give more surface area to attach to the marble.  This is why I don't think something heavy and bulky like coats would work.  With scarves and necklaces, all the weight is on the nail, but with coats I think it would put too much strain on the glue holding the marble to the nail and the marble would fall off.

Now you have a lovely place to display scarves!


Tricia said...

Great idea. I love a good storage solution.

Space 46 said...

Saw this featured at Naptime Crafters! Love this idea! The paint colors and the knobs are perfect! Would love love love for you to share a couple of your projects at my Best of 2011 party going on now Happy new year! My

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