December 06, 2011

Boyfriend Style Cardigan

I really, really like cardigans lately.  I decided to give the boyfriend style cardigan a try.  It actually was easier than I thought it would be.

I love it paired with a scarf.  A tip: I grabbed some buttons off a thrifted shirt.  My local thrift store always has a section for a quarter {which is where lots of my refashions come from}, and sometimes I'll just buy a shirt for the buttons. Where else can you get that many buttons for twenty-five cents?

It can be worn without a scarf too. Either way, its super comfy.

Click below for the tutorial.

I used about a yard and a half of knit fabric for this project, but I was getting creative with my cutting.  If you want some wiggle room, two yards would probably be better.

First I used a shirt to give me a rough idea of the shape of the cardigan.  I cut out the left side first, leaving lots of extra length at the bottom.

Then I folded my fabric in half to use as a pattern for the right side.  Cut the neckline straight across for now. The fabric was already folded, so this gave me my front and back pieces.

I trimmed the neckline a little lower in the back.

Then I used a v-neck tee as a guide for the v-neck in front.  I wanted my neckline lower on the cardigan, so I positioned the tee lower on my fabric.

Then I cut the front piece in half down the middle.  I also cut out some sleeves, again using the first shirt as a guide {not shown}.

Sew the shoulder seams and side seams of the top.  Also sew the underarm seam on both of the sleeves.

Insert the sleeves into the cardigan with right sides together and pin.  Sew them in place.  You should now have something that looks like this {minus the baby}:

This is a good time to check your fit.  The back neckline was too wide for me, so I added some pintucks to make it smaller.  This is optional.

Sew the bottom hem.  I wanted mine to be nice and deep, but make it however you'd like it.

Cut out two long strips the width of your fabric and about four to five inches wide.  This will be the trim around the front of your cardigan.

Sew them together so that you have one long strip.

Fold the strip in half lengthwise so that the raw edges of the seam are hidden.  Match the seam with the center back of your cardigan and pin.

Keep pinning all around the neckline and down both sides.  You should have three layers of fabric: the edge of the cardigan, and two edges of the trim.  All the raw edges should be lined up.

Cut of the ends of your trim so that it's just a little bit longer than the bottom of your cardigan.

Fold the bottom of the trim the other way, so that the right sides of the trim are together.  You may have to undo a pin or two for this.  

Sew the bottom of the trim like this:

Then fold it back so that the right sides are facing out again and pin it to the bottom of your cardigan.  Do the same with the other side.

Stitch the trim to the cardigan along the raw edges, all the way around.  Press the seams to the inside.  It should now look like this:

Mark your button holes and sew them. Sew on the buttons too.

Now it's time for the pockets. {Almost done.  Aren't you getting excited?!} Cut two squares out the size you want your pocket to be, plus a little extra.  Then cut out two rectangles the same width and about a third the height of your pockets.

Match the pocket with the pocket trim right sides together. Stitch.

Pull the trim up like this and press.

Fold it back down over the other side and topstitch.

Your pocket should look like this:

Fold the raw edges under and pin the pocket to the cardigan with the trim at the top.

Stitch the pocket to the cardigan.  See the little triangles at the top corners of the pocket? This helps prevent the stitches from pulling out.

Now just hem your sleeves and you're done. Wahoo!

Click here for the tutorial for the scarf to go with it.


marissa said...

that turned out great and I love the buttons I'd love you to add it to what we wore and made party over at

Michaela said...

I really like your end results. I don't really have the guts to sew clothes for myself. But I sure wish I did so I could give this a try!

Michaela @

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