November 21, 2011

Pink and Lace Infinity Scarf

I really loved the color and fabric combination on the Tiered Ruffle Dress, but I don't think that dress would really work for me.  I don't need the extra width the ruffles would add, for one thing. But I love infinity scarves, so I made one for me using the same fabrics.  And I threw in some lace from that never-ending lace curtain panel.

I love how versatile infinity scarves are.  You can fold them so many different ways. 

This is a pretty simple project to make. It's also super inexpensive if you can find deals on fabric. 

Click below for the tutorial.

First start by cutting your pieces.  I cut a rectangle out of the striped fabric measuring about 54" long and 18" wide.  Then I cut a rectangle out of the pink fabric that measured about 27" long and 18" wide.  I used the pink rectangle as a guide to cut out a piece of lace the same size.

Lay the piece of lace over the top of the pink fabric, right sides facing up on both pieces.  Treat them as one piece of fabric.  With right sides together, sew the pink and lace piece to the striped piece.

Open it back up and it should look like this:

With right sides together, fold it in half the long way.

Stitch the entire long end, leaving the short ends open.

Turn it right side out.  It should look like this:

Insert the lace into the striped end. Fold the raw edges of the striped end under and stitch the ends together. I used a blind stitch so it wouldn't show.  

Now you have a nice big loop that you can twist around your neck any way you like.

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Elise said...

That scarf is so pretty with the lace! It goes well with the striped fabric. I've been getting into making infinity scarves myself- they rock! And they are so easy to wear :)

Cindy said...

I love your scarf, those are truly the sweetest and easiest scarves to make. I plan on making a few for my girls for Christmas. I like them made out of fleece for the cold or even rainy weather, they are so snuggly and warm.
You are one talented girl, I love perusing your blog and will continue to do so!
Hugs, Cindy

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