November 26, 2011

Holiday Diamonds Top

I was over at a craft night at a friend's house and she was making a pillow.  I loved the texture she was creating and asked her to show me how she did it.  It was super simple, so I used the same technique to make a top for Bella.

I used a woman's tee that I picked up for a quarter at a thrift shop.  The color was perfect for the holidays. {And the price fits in nicely to my holiday budget.}

Click below for the tutorial.

I used the front piece of an old shirt, but any piece of fabric would work for this.
 First, start by marking your fabric.  I marked mine with pins in vertical rows. The pins were three inches apart.  I staggered each row, as shown below. If you have a fabric pen, use that to mark your dots.  The pins tend to fall out as you handle the fabric. 

For every spot you've marked, grab the fabric and twist it.

Then sew back and forth a few times across the spot that you twisted.  Keep going until you've done the same thing at every place you marked.  Then you can just treat the piece like regular fabric and use any shirt pattern to make the shirt.

It's perfect for a holiday party or playing in the leaves. {Yep, those leaves that we still need to get rid of...}

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Melissa said...

Love it! I bet this would look great with the lace skirt.

elizabeth said...

I have been wanting to do this technique....and I should because yours turned out absolutely darling!

Cindy said...

It's a beautiful top! The diamonds dress up an other wise plain t-shirt.

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